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CG Translation is a certified and experienced professional translation company known to translate over hundreds of documents for clients in U.S. and Brazil, founded on its core values of providing high-quality, accurate and fast human translations. Our devotion to customer satisfaction is unparalleled.
We provide and create value like no other language translation company because translation to us is more than just words, it is a bridge to connect people with the world.

Safe and Secure

CG Translation understands and value confidentiality. Our process is protected for your safety. All information is kept Secure and Confidential

Professional Quality

From the start to finish your documents will be 100% human translated. Our CG Quality Process is in place to ensure accurate translations every time.

Fast Service

Fastest professional quality translations in the industry. Let us know your deadline and we will do our best to accommodate you.

ATA Corporate member #272523 since 2019
100% guaranteed acceptance by USCIS
Certified Professional from CTP since 2019
100% Five-Star Rated Professional

Translation Services

Certified and standard translation services are performed by human professional translators only. 

We cover a variety of translation fields. Our service guarantees ensure the highest level of quality with 99% accuracy.

Translation Services

For official use by Universities, Business, Courts, Immigration, and many local, State and Federal Governments.

$23.95 / Page

Translation Services

For all propose use where certification is not required by the receiver. Such as Personal, Business, Financial and more.

$13.95 / Page

Immigration - USCIS Acceptance

Academic - University Admissions

Business - Agreements, Statements and Reports

Translation Services for Any Use Case

Certified translations are typically required for official uses such as submission to USCIS, Universities, Courts Law firms, Banks and Governments.CG Translation is a Five-star rated company and offers 100% Guaranteed Certified Translations for Official Use. If you don’t need certification of translation then you might choose a Standard Translation.

Upload Any Document for Translation

CG Translation are committed to prepare all documents in the format requested by our clients. As we only need digital copies of your documents to translate, there is no need to hand your documents in person. This process saves you time, money and improves efficiency in the process of delivering quality translations to you.

Choose between English, Portuguese and Spanish

We are dedicated and passionate about what we do. We have build an excellent team of amazingly able translators who are highly qualified and reliable. We have proven ourselves to be trustworthy, punctual, affordable and most important professional.


Five-Star Translation Reviews

Our Clients Say It Best

It was an awesome experience how you threaten our business soo professional. We will keep using and referring you as very professional service. Thanks for your hep and service!
Really appreciated!

Pukka Investments LLC

I needed to translate some documents with urgency. I contacted CG Translation and they were fast, professional and with an incredible accuracy. I definitely recommended them.

Fabrício Santos

A Camila foi super atenciosa, pontual, profissional e por um preço super justo e acessível! A tradução ficou super bem feita e atendeu todos os critérios ! Super recomendo!!

Giovanna Falanga

Tradução perfeita! Muito profissionalismo e pontualidade.

Jéssica Souza

I strongly recommend CG Translation.

Ismael Cassiano

If you need a translation service this is the company! Wonderful translation! I recommend.


Tradução de qualidade , competência e pontualidade !!!! Super recomendo!!💯

Cristiany Martins

CG TRANSLATION was perfect !!! High quality, fast translation. I recommend.

Jane Silva

“We started using CG Translation more than two years ago for our customers from Brazil and Latin America. We are 100% satisfied with the quality and delivery time.”

Fred Richter - Total Service Orlando

“CG Translation is our go to provider of translations in Spanish and Portuguese. Our lenders require certified translations for legal and banking documents for our mortgage loans. CG Translations provide expert translations in a professional and prompt manner. They are friendly and knowledgeable and their rates are good.”

Ruben Galan - Silver Star Mortgage

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